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Zooming Diner Dish:

Serves you a Baked Potato Bar. The orginal idea to make this was from the great chef, Laura P. of St. Louis, MO! Here is what you need to make it: potatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt, bacon bits, broccoli, salsa, bowls for toppings, spoons, fork, knife.  Here is what you do: First you ask an adult if you can make it first. Then you scrub the potatoes clean. You need to poke holes in the potatoes with a fork (so that steam can escape while they bake). Then bake them in the microwave. If you use the oven, preheat it to about 425 degrees Farenheit first, and bake them for about an hour. In the microwave they take about seven minutes on high. Either way, be careful because potatoes can get REALLY hot! Be sure to wear oven mitts! Then let them cool for about fifteen minutes before handling them. You still want the potatoes to be warm so that they taste good. Then split each potato down the middle, put out all the toppings in bowls, and let each person create her/his own stuffed potato! Have fun! Don't forget to eat it after!


Serves breakfast banana split. Created by the famous Alex of MA. You will need 1 banana, yogurt(any flavor), cereal, sliced fruit, knife, bowl, spoon. Here is what you have to do: First, check with an adult before you start this. Peel the banana and slice it lengthwise. Then, place both banana halves in the bowl. The next thing that you do is spoon the yogurt over the bananas. Then sprinkle the cereal on top of the yogurt. After that, put the fruit on top. And there is your banana split for breakfast! Bon Appetit! 

This Food Court Is Under Construction! Come back soon and get more yummy food to eat for a price of nothing!