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Zoom Libs!

Zoom libs is sort of like mad libs except different a bit. Here are the rules:
1) To play you need:
-a piece of paper
- pencil
Ok, so what you do now is write down what it asks you to write down like for example:
Write down:
An adjective
a name of a girl
a name of a boy
a name of a Zoomer
then you will write down:
See? Get it? Is it that easy? Ok. So next what you do is you fill in the blanks with what you have. Like say for example:
Then (zoomer) went to her friend (name of girl)'s house. It was very (adjective)! 
And if you fill in the blanks the right way it will turn out like this:
Then Keiko went to her friend Ellen's house. It was very crazy
Then you can copy it out or print it with your fill-in-the-blank words. Got it? Good, let's play!

You need to write down:
Name A Zoomer
Another Zoomer
Name a Relative/Friend
Name a Gender
Name any name
name a number number
name of store
Name a length time(example: seconds, minutes, hours, days)
name a number
name a toy
name something you can get a home from/with (example: walk, run, jog, bus, taxi)
a colour
design(example: dotted, striped)
Here is your story!:
Hi this is (zoomer) on that television show called Zoom. I'm going to call my friend (another zoomer) who was on Zoom too! We're going to the mall to buy my (friend/relative) a present. (gender) name is (name of relative/friend). It's (gender) (number) birthday. We're going to look for something to buy for (gender).
     At the mall we go to a store called (name of store). After (length of time) of looking for things to buy for (name of relative/friend) I finally decided to get a size (number) shirt for (name of relative/friend). (name of other zoomer) got a (toy).
     We took a (method of getting somewhere?) home and then wrapped our presents in (color)  (name of design) wrapping paper.
And there you go! There is your mad lib! I hope that you like it! Share yours with me either in the Zoom Room yahoo club or e-mail me at and tell me about it! I'd love to hear your funny story/ies! So send them to me! LOL!

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