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Here are pictures of the Zoomers in action! Thank you Nina and Richard for these pictures.

Kenny Zoomer

This is a picture of the ZOOMer, Kenny, from season two and three.

Zoomer Jared

This is an older version of the Jared you'd see on season 1.


Here are the season 3 Zoomers, talking about the evil doings that took place on September 11th.

Caroline's school picture

This is Caroline's school picture.


This is a picture of Eric from the Zoom website.

Keiko zoomer

This little Annie here is Keiko from Zoom season one.


This is Nina and Caroline. Nina, being CAroline's sister.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures so far, but remember that this site is under construction and that means that it isn't finished. Isn't finished, meaning there are more pictures to come so come back next time when the site is updated for more!

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