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Zoom Room


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Zoom/Zoomroom News

This is the place where you can read news about Zoom, things from Zoom or News about Zoom Room the yahoo club and what's going on.


What's coming up?
1)Zoomer of the month is Garett!
2)Aline is our Zoom Room Super Zoomer!
3)We already have a Zoomer Fan of the Month for Febuary, Diane!

Zoom News:

ZOOM: America's Kids Respond special episode of ZOOM
This new ZOOM special was shown on many PBS stations, and some may still be airing it check with your local station. The current ZOOM cast members discuss the recent news events, and read Zmail and poetry that we've received about the tragedy. See what kids around the country are doing to make a difference. Air times vary, so watch for promotional messages on your local PBS station.

January 2001 news:
70's ZOOM Trivia
The 70's ZOOM ran from 1972-1981 with a total cast of 48 kids over the nine years.

ZOOM Pahhhh-teeee!: Where ZOOMers Party On
ZOOMparty is filled with tons of stuff to make any party ZOOM. And now there are over 80 party ideas for you to cruise, peruse and then choose. With ZOOMy Invitation Innovations, Masterful Main Dishes, Celebratory Sweets, Groovin' Games and lots more, you'll see why the ZOOMiest of ZOOMers party on at ZOOMparty. It's always party time at:

ZOOM Whiz Quiz Revealed
Are you right about who's right? Are you deft about who's left? Crown yourself a ZOOM Whiz Quiz Wizard if you knew that all of the Season III ZOOMers, except for Caroline, are righties.

The ZOOMlens: ZOOMing in on What You've Been Saying

Ashley B., age 11 of Hillsboro, OH wrote:
Hi! I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck on your new season. I also wanted to wish everyone from the late season good luck. Thanks for listening!

Jason B., age 13 of Wausa, NE wrote:
Hi ZOOMers. I just wanted to wish the season 3 ZOOMers good luck. I wish I could be on ZOOM. I think it would be a lot of fun. Well, keep up the good work!

Suzie G., age 13 of Hudson, QC wrote:
I'm just writing to wish you all good luck in your new season! I think it would be totally cool to be on ZOOM. I would love to be on television with you guys, I do acting myself and I love acting! But anyway I'm just saying good luck with your 3rd season! Later!

Bob G. of Omaha, NE wrote:
I am writing to let you know that your show inspired my son, Jay, to Zoom Into Action. He organized a neighborhood clothes drive and yesterday we delivered seven bags of clothes to a local homeless shelter. What a proud moment as a parent. The amazing thing is that Jay is six years old! Keep up the good work.

Starr wrote:
Hi! I really like your web site! It's full of really cool activities that don't have to have you run out to the store to get the supplies or ingredients you'll need. I think your web site is great and this wont be the last time I visit it! Great job!

Justin W., age 10 of Concord, NC wrote:
Hello Kaleigh, Eric, Buzz, Rachel, Frances, Caroline and Kenny. Congrats on getting on to the show. For the new cast members, I am one of your biggest fans. In the 2nd season, I wrote a lot of notes to you guys. I have been watching ZOOM since the first season and loved it. Most of my friends like it to. Well, I can't wait to see you on television and maybe, someday I can be on the cast too.

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