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The Zoom Room Founder's Point of View

This page is about me:

i'm kiwi flavoured!

I'm a kiwi! Click on it to see what fruit you are!

my license

Yay! This cute egg will hatch one time. Get your own egg! It's really cool!

¤My Thoughts¤
FEBUARY 14, 2002 Zoom Room Rules!! Hi everyone, this is where I'll be placing my thoughts and things so far. Like the thingy? I got it off another site but I'm going to be making my own soon. Hopefully! I'm probably too busy with my going to church, doing things for God, with my family, school, friends, Zoom Room Club and other things I need to update that I'm behind on! I'll try to get more pictures up, I do have a lot of pictures actually that I'm a bit too lazy to put up! LOL but I'll try. If there has been a lack of other things that you like please tell me and I'll try my best to update it! I know I'm lazy, yes, yes that's true. I'll try to get to work on things soon, I actually do have time but it's just that I'm lazy to be honest! LOL So, it's Valentines day but nothign happened so far. At school we didn't even get a party. I guess it's based on the teacher, whether she/he is nice one or not. In this case, she isn't. Oh well, that's it for now! TTYL

Things made by me (for more stuff see the "Awards" section and/or "banners/images" section:

This is what I made, it's like a little Zoomy thing, the picture of Garett, take it if you like, the code down there, is partly for that but I hope it works mostly! So, try it out!:

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